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The Power of Touch

Touch is a cornerstone of living. We touch the food we eat, the air we breathe, the earth as we walk. Massage is a sacred and ancient practice. We are mindfully dedicated to that which promotes the clinical application of our trade.

Our mission

is to promote the health and function within others and ourselves.

Our office

provides an environment free from the stressors of life.

Our offering

is our unbroken awareness.

About Us


Leila M. McAvoy, LMT

While studying at the Sacred Mountain Midwifery School in Spruce Knob, WV, Leila became enthusiastic about massage therapy. She now practices medically oriented massage, for not only the pregnant, but any who are in need of her services.

Aaron C. McAvoy, LMT

Aaron C. McAvoy has practiced massage therapy in Athens County, Ohio for over 15 years. After receiving his Medical Massage License from the state of Ohio in 2003 he went on to receive a Biological Science degree from Ohio University.

Our Family

Proudly providing Medical/Clinical massage therapy treatments, Aaron and Leila operate McAvoy Massage in Athens County, Ohio. When not practicing massage, they can be found in the beautiful countryside of Athens County, raising their children and enjoying life outdoors.



We all deserve to be healthy

We provide custom treatments that are a thorough blending of multiple modalities within the scope of medical massage therapy, according to individual needs.

60 min

The standard session allows enough time to ‘generally’ cover the body while briefly focusing on major complaints.

90 min

The 90 min session allows for major complaints to get a full treatment while tying in the rest of the body.

120 min

The 120 min treatment has enough time to patiently cover the full body while thoroughly addressing major complaints.

Recommended Considerations

  • Depending on clients' needs, a massage can cover the body as a whole or be “sight specific” (spending the entire time on a specific issue).
  • It is encouraged, but by no means required, to schedule 90-120 minute sessions for First Time Visits. Especially if there are major complaints wanting attention.
  • For those who wish for a massage once a month (or less), please consider 90-120 minute sessions. If we only get to see you once, or every now and again, it’s a benefit to have more treatment time.
  • 60 minute sessions are recommended for weekly/every other week/multiple times a week massages. One hour sessions are good for relaxation and sight specific treatments, as well as a general whole body tune up.
  • We do not offer 30 minute sessions. In our experience, one half-hour is not enough time to adequately provide treatment.

Payment Information

  • Payments can be made via cash, card or check (made out to McAvoy Massage).
  • McAvoy Massage does NOT bill insurance.
  • FLEX spending accounts can often be used. Check with your plan provider to determine if it will work before coming to the office.
  • All prices include state sales tax.
  • Pay with cash and get $5 off.

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Your privacy matters

Massage is confidential by law. Client identity, information, or conversations of any kind are held in confidence. The office door is closed during sessions. At all times the client is under sheets (and or towels) to protect privacy. Before and after treatments the Therapist leaves the room while the client prepares.

Medical Records

We keep detailed medical records of our clients. All records are confidential by law and kept in locked filing cabinets. These records allow us to learn, assess, and keep track of our clients and the progression of treatments.



94B Columbus Road
Athens, Ohio

Map it  

Room number 9, down the hall, first right hand turn, office on left next to the bathrooms. If the door says "come on in" then come on in. If it says "massage in progress" please be patient, sometimes it takes time to get off the table and out the door. Your massage will not be shortened if we're behind.

Your Visit


When you arrive

Please use restroom before arriving 5 minutes early to our scheduled appointment (don’t let bathroom time cut into treatment time).

Clothing and jewelry

No clothing is best for massage. Clients are under sheets/towels at all time. However, it is ok to leave some clothes on during massage if need be. Please remove all jewelry.

Health Safety


Our Health Safety Protocol

We as medical practitioners have an obligation to provide a safe space for our clients and ourselves. We follow the Responsible Restart Ohio, Department of Health guidelines for Massage Therapy. Some examples (but not limited to) are:

  • All contactable surfaces are disinfected before and after each massage.
  • All clients are provided with clean linens (sheets, towels, etc.).
  • Our Massage office air is purified continuously with a HEPA filtration system.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided.
  • The therapist's daily Temperature and Blood Oxygenation levels are monitored and recorded.
  • Client's Temperature and Blood Oxygenation is monitored with a forehead, non-touch, thermometer and a finger, non-stick, oxygenation sensor.
  • Therapist wears a facemask and we ask clients to as well.
  • Text us when you arrive and we'll text you when it's time to come in for your appointment.
  • If you have a fever, are sick, or have been exposed to sick people please reschedule.

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